6 Ideas Ways to be More Eco-Friendly in Your Kitchen

Have you ever just looked around your kitchen and come across plates and forks that you have a home from local takeaway? Are you worried about the increasing amount of non-biodegradable waste that leaves your kitchen? Well, you are not the only one. We all have, at some point or the other in our life committed this crime of disposing of non-biodegradable stuff in the house.

If you want to make a positive contribution to the environment, then GO GREEN! Here are a few ways that you might follow to have an Eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen.

  1. Use Less Paper Towels: One of the most criticized wastes from American kitchens has to be the paper towel. This is a serious issue since every year 110 million trees are cut for making these. While environmentalists urge to re-use dry used towels and replacing the paper towels with cloths, they have also recommended the lesser use of these towels.
  2. Eat Organic Foods: The best aspect of eating organic foods is that the farmers restrain from using any chemical or pesticide in growing these. Besides that, the organic crops are fine for the local biodiversity and the birds and bees while protecting the soil from erosion.
  3. Recycle: A coke can, a bottle or a jar can always be use again and recycled. There are plenty of creative DIY ideas available online where you can learn to do creative stuff on these items. Since vegetable skins and peels make for the best of compost, start your kitchen garden and watch your food grow.
  4. Save Water: One of the most vital components of a kitchen is a faucet and a sink to wash vegetables and cook. Try to keep the faucet in shape and ensure that it does not drip or leak. Use dishwashers since they save water by a big margin. Do not use running water for washing vegetables and fruits since that wastes water.
  5. Buy Locally Grown Products: Encourage the local farmers since they would be growing in your neighborhood. Just ensure that they do not use any chemicals and produce organically or not before you buy the local produce to consume.
  6. Switch to a Green Energy Supply: A quick an easy way to improve your green credentials is to switch your energy supply away from fossil and on to eco-friendly. Bulb for example offer 100% green electric supply for your home and 10% of their gas is clean too. Check out this full Bulb energy review to learn more.

These are a few of the most effective and thoughtful ways to keep the waste from the kitchen in check. After all, in order to enjoy the natural foods for a long time to come, these measures are just the necessary steps that we must take now.