Bulb.co.uk Review – Cheap and Clean energy for your home

Bulb are a UK based gas and electricity supplier with fantastic green credentials and a refreshing outlook on customer service. They keep costs down to make the green choice and easy choice for the UK public. Their electricity is sourced from 100% green sources and their gas supply is from 10% clean supply. With their promise to pay your current suppliers exit fees and with no exit fees of their own, a simple single tariff, a great £50 joining bonus and a fantastic referral scheme, there is a lot going for them. In fact if you’ve made your mind up already why not go ahead and grab a quote to see how much you could save. If you’d like to know more, keep on reading, we’ve shared our honest experience with Bulb.

Get £50 Bulb Referral Credit


I finally made my switch to Bulb around 5 months ago. I spent a lot of time looking into the options after getting fed up with my high bills with one of the big 6 energy companies. I heard a lot of good things about Bulb Energy whilst looking around and when I got a quote from them it all looked great. Bulb made it really simple for me to compare future bills against my current supplier, they have a single tariff which makes things so easy. I just put in my postcode and answered some questions about my house size, how many bedrooms etc and they gave me a quote. I checked it against my last few bills (checked how much energy I used and worked out how much it would have cost if I was with bulb using their Bulb tariff) – Bulb came out way ahead.

A few months on and I’m already making a monthly saving on bills and I with the £50 joining credit I got when I joined through a referral link, my first bill was unbelievably cheap! Anyone can grab a £50 credit on their account by signing up via a referral code. As I mentioned, I’m only 5 months in but I’m on track to make roughly a £225 annual saving.

Are are some detail thoughts about my experience so far with bulb.

I did a lot of research about my options before I made my choice. As Bulb were a relatively unknown entity to me I decided to spend a lot of time looking into them once I realised they were going to save me a lot of money. Everywhere I looked there were glowing reviews, Money Saving Expert, Energy Advisory Services and Trustpilot had lots of good things to say. I wasn’t nervous for long about signing up to an startup. So far so good. I’ve got absolutely no complaints.

Bulb has 5 star Trustpilot reviews

Speaking about the savings, I can’t speak for everyone, and it may depend on location/ usage, but bulb came on top for me when I compared estimated prices. I was already on a good deal with my old supplier but bulb’s pricing looked to save me around £225 for the year. Apparently bulb invest lots in technology which has allowed them to operate at a cheaper level and they have passed the savings on to us – the customer.

bulb is cheaper than the bix 6

Bulb keep things nice and simple, and their single tariff really helps you understand what you’ll be paying. Here is their current Vari-Fair tariff, which everyone gets put on when they join up. You can take a look at your current bills and see how much it will cost will Bulb. Your bill will tell you how many kWh (kilowatt hours) you use and the table below shows how much that would have cost you with Bulb.

Bulb energy single tariff review.

Exit Fees
I wasn’t tied into a contract with my energy provider, but lots of energy companies try to lock customers in with exit fees, however fear not, Bulb to the rescue again. They make it super easy to switch to their tariff by offering to pay any exit fees with your current supplier. Additionally, Bulb take the moral high ground and do not tie in any customers into their tariff. They are so confident that if you join you will want you to stay, they have no exit charges – so you a free to move on whenever you want.

Clean and Green
Bulb is definitely the right choice for the environment. For every unit of electricity a Bulb customer uses, Bulb replaces it on the national grid with 100% green electricity. So that’s electricity generated from sources like Hydro. Their Gas supply is very clean to with 10% being supplied by green methods such as biomethane.

Bulb say on their website, “Every year, the typical home with Bulb saves 1.3 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. That’s the same as planting 655 trees”. That’s a fantastic stat and takes away a lot that you might have felt in the past in regards to running your home on fossil fuels.

Online Interface and App
A slightly less important factor that saving the environment but Bulb has a fantastic online interface which is super intuitive. Adding meter readings, checking bills and adjusting payments is really easy. No need for long waits on the phone like the old days! They also have a cool mobile application which makes adding sending in meter readings so easy.

Why join bulb? My conclusion.

* Renewable Energy – this wasn’t my driving factor, but glad the cheapest options is also a clean option.
* No Exit Fees for switching out at a future date.
* Single simple tariff – no more feeling begrudged that other people are getting a better deal than you from the same supplier!
* Make monthly savings.
* No exit fees.
* £50 credit when I signed up via a referral link.
* Referral scheme giving you £50 credit when you sign up via a link directly (not via a price comparison website).

If you’d like to switch to Bulb please use my referral link below to get a quote. Before signing up you can get a more accurate quote by entering your energy usage, then once you complete the sign-up process we’ll each receive a £50 credit. Use this link to sign up to get your free £50 account credit.