Bulb ranked number two in the UK in customer service league

Bulb first came onto the energy scene in 2015 as a young energy supply specializing in 100% sustainable power. Today, the business has moved from its initial 5 employees to a team of 90 members. Bulb is currently ranked in the number two spot among the top 33 energy suppliers in the UK in the Citizens Advice Bureau’s domestic energy suppliers’ customer service ranking. With  a special focus on customer satisfaction, it is no wonder that Bulb has managed to work its way up into the top two energy supply positions in the industry. With major competitors, this proficient power business is certainly one to look out for.

Bulb’s Impressive Rankings

Bulb is a dynamic energy supply company with a difference. Their attention to detail and investment in the provision of purer energy sources for UK residents have contributed to its overall 4.35 ranking out of 5 stars. The Bulb numbers simply don’t lie. Its full 5 star rating represented a 23 second call center waiting period and incredibly few queries per 100 000 customers, earning Bulb another 5 star rank.

Who is Bulb?

Bulb has earned its number 2 position with an online comparison of domestic energy supply ratings. Bulb is an energy supplier located in the UK. The young business started its operations in 2015 but over the last few years has expanded significantly to supply UK communities with cleaner power. The company motto; Making Energy Simpler, Cheaper, Greener has contributed to a dedicated work ethic, cost savings for customers and efficient service solutions. It has earned it its highly rated service reputation as a top supplier in energy efficiency.

Bulb invests in 100% pure and renewable energy sources. The company has made it its mission to address the lack of sustainability hat is widely recognized in conventional suppliers of power in the UK. The emphasis on keeping things simple is owed to its low tariffs and lack of complicated terms and conditions in the payment of policies. Bulb takes pride in being one of the cheapest suppliers of sustainable electricity on the market.

Who is the Citizens Advice Bureau?

Bulb has received its ranking by the Citizens Advice Bureau, a campaign of UK based charities that come together on a single online platform to offer independent advice, ratings and recommendations across industries and services. The purpose of the platform is to provide the average consumer access to reliable advice and guidance when looking for a particular product, legal information or service recommendations. The confidential information is free from bias and company interference. You can trust what the Citizens Advice Bureau has to say in your search for an authentic and reliable energy supplier.