Bulb Reviews on Trustpilot

In the UK, more communities are leaning towards cleaner greener energy supply that is reliable and sustainable. Bulb is a relatively new energy supply company offering off-the-grid power at affordable rates. If you are interested in a higher standard of service for your electrical supply, we look at the following Bulb reviews on Trustpilot.

What is Trustpilot?

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For the consumer, Trustpilot offers an invaluable service. The popular platform offers sound reviews and references of products and services from select businesses. It provides you with the information needed to learn of new brands or services and to make the best purchase choices.

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Whether you are purchasing kitchenware, planning travel or looking for a new power provider, reading the average ratings and reviews provided by members online assists in making the best decisions. It provides readers the information needed to purchase from a provider they can trust. Millions of people who use Trustpilot either read the reviews issued online or leave an updated review of a product or service.

Who are Bulb Energy?

Bulb is an energy supply business with emphasis on green and clean power. The company was founded by Hayden and Amit in an effort to address the poor service delivery, unsustainable practices, and exorbitant tariffs communities in the UK are facing.

The energy industry in the UK has faced many challenges concerning its power supply at a residential and commercial level. It has been fraught with national government criticisms for cutting budgets on green energy supply. Bulb is an honest provider of cleaner power that includes efficient and effective delivery of its services. The company offers affordable tariffs with fast connectivity. Bulb claims that it can switch customers across to its energy supply in only 2 minutes. This includes an online application. Bulb handles the negotiations with former energy suppliers making it easier for consumers to transition to greener energy. With emphasis on simplicity, payment dates are negotiated at your convenience. The company allows you to obtain an online quotation from its website.

Bulb offers comprehensive power supply services including the sale of generators.

The popularity of Bulb is on the rise as it offers its customers greater savings in its power supply. By incorporating modern technology, the company is equipped to supply electricity at more favorable rates compared to conventional power providers. Emphasis is on managing and supplying customers with greener, cleaner and more sustainable forms of electricity. Clean energy sources are provided at fair prices making it the most competitive and valuable supplier of electricity.

Bulb claims to offer its customers the lowest tariffs with minimal increases on an annual basis. When compared to the rates charged by many larger businesses in energy, the new power provider certainly packs a competitive edge. This includes the ability to deliver continuous renewable or clean electricity without having to constantly hike the monthly and annual tariff. Owing to the modern technology and methods incorporated by the business, the cost savings can be passed onto the customer.

Based in East London, the Bulb community focuses on exceptional customer services. This includes a collaborative approach in the production and supply of green energy for residents and commercial properties. Its goal is to develop sustainable electricity supply including the practice of safer, environmentally responsible power production. The business values its staff while implementing the latest technique and technology in consumer services to remain relevant.

Bulb’s Performance on Trustpilot

Over the last decade, Bulb has continued to improve upon its service delivery, customer satisfaction and its ability to produce green energy. Having accumulated over 5400 reviews on Trustpilot, the business has earned an average 5-star rating representative of its professional excellency. This unique power supply business is recognized as having a 92% excellent rating on the review site. It is also ranked 1 out of 40 in the electrical power category.

The most common reviews posted by Trustpilot members concerning Bulb state the company is reliable and efficient in its supply of energy. The business is recognized for its high level of customer services. The sign-up process has been described as quick and easy. It minimizes the lengthy and complex procedure many reviewers have encountered with larger electrical supply companies.

Customers freely share their experiences of Bulb on Trustpilot making it a reliable, informative review platform.

What do Customers Think

Bulb has an average 5-star rating, it promises customers savings and efficiency and maintains its green energy ratings, but before making the transition to a new energy provider, you need to learn what other people are thinking and what they have experienced in dealing with the company. Obtaining honest reviews from those who have dealt with Bulb firsthand, provides greater insight into the standard of services and whether the brand delivers on all its promises. We look at a summary of what customers really think of Bulb:

Customer Service – The 5-star rating and ranking of the number one position out of 40 electrical companies speak volumes about the quality of services delivered. Every customer freely contributes to an open and honest review on Trustpilot. Many of these reviews have stated that customer services are excellent. The company tends to queries quickly and provides individualized customer attention. You can contact the business online or telephonically. Many Trustpilot members have experienced efficient responses and updates from Bulb agents. The company is described as offering a modern approach to business and maintaining a great moral compass.

Ease of switch – Bulb claims to make the transition to electricity with them easier and efficient. Upon completion of the necessary online documents and requirements, you could benefit from the new service provider in only 2 minutes. More customers agree that the procedure for seeking new providers is simple including organization of payments on your preferred date of the month. For those who have signed up within a 24-hour period, the switch was made simple from the previous provider.

Green credentials – Bulb is certified as a 100% renewable energy business on Trustpilot. Trustpilot is required to authenticate the information provided on the website to prevent providing audiences with falsified details. Bulb is an authorized electrical provider of greener and cleaner energy. Trustpilot reviewers have expressed much confidence in the sustainable provider. They are excited at the prospect of doing their part for a green environment and decreased carbon emissions.

Cheap tariffs – The energy business claims to outdo its competitors in monthly power tariffs. Trustpilot reviews have concluded that the business is more cost effective and fairly priced compared to conventional power providers. A large number of Trustpilot testimonials conclude the rates offered by bulb are generally cheaper than most electricity providers. Review members state that alternative companies charge exorbitant tariffs leaving them feeling ripped off. The company states that it strives to provide the most affordable rates with the least number of increases through the year. Reviews include mention of minor rate increases that remain affordable and fair compared to alternative providers. For a 2-bedroom apartment, an average rate of £45 contributing to the cost effectiveness the company can deliver.

User Friendly Website – The site is described as simple to use and easy to understand. Bulb lists its services on its home page including the ability to obtain an online quote.

Sense of Community – With 100 Bulb members as part of the team, customers are educated on green energy and provided professional efficiency. Sufficient staff address customer requirements in a friendly and time-managed manner. Emphasis on customers remaining a number one priority encourages Bulb staff to work in a collaborative manner while educating customers.

From savings to green energy, Bulb is fast becoming a preferred provider of electricity in the UK. With a review platform provided through Trustpilot, you can remain on top of what this company can provide.