Bulb Reviews on Trustpilot

In the UK, more communities are leaning towards cleaner greener energy supply that is reliable and sustainable. Bulb is a relatively new energy supply company offering off-the-grid power at affordable rates. If you are interested in a higher standard of service for your electrical supply, we look at the following Bulb reviews on Trustpilot. What… Read More

Bulb Energy Price Adjustment – June 2018 Update

Bulb announced this week that they are increasing their pricing tariff for new and current customers. The average UK home will be impacted by a 5.1% increase shifting the average annual tariff £879 to £923 – a rise of £4 per month. New members will be signing up to the new price structure whereas existing… Read More

Bulb Energy Review – A Customer’s View

I switched to Bulb around 4 months ago after reading positive reviews about them. I was reluctant but did a huge amount of research about them and so far I’m happy with my decision. I’m already making a monthly saving on bills compared to my previous energy supplier and I even got a £50 credit… Read More

How Does Bulb.co.uk Ensure a Green Supply

The world has woken up to the fact that we are inching up towards a time when we will need to think about using energy from sustainable or renewable sources, rather than relying on fossil fuels. While a few countries are already using an alternative source of energy in their daily work and life, others… Read More

Bulb.co.uk Review – Cheap and Clean energy for your home

Bulb are a UK based gas and electricity supplier with fantastic green credentials and a refreshing outlook on customer service. They keep costs down to make the green choice and easy choice for the UK public. Their electricity is sourced from 100% green sources and their gas supply is from 10% clean supply. With their… Read More

Bulb Energy Review – Spotlight on Bulb

This energy company review will take a look at Bulb, which is a new and independent dual fuel energy provider serving England, Scotland and Wales. Bulb has come a long way since its launch in 2015 and is proving to be popular with customers, based on its excellent customer service and transparent charging structure. Bulb… Read More