UK Household Subsidies Halt for Solar Panels in 2019

Government has recently announced an end to its feed-in tariff program for renewable energy in the next year. According to eco conscious protestors and green energy specialists, the government is making a detrimental mistake failing to renew its sustainable energy practices by 2019.

FIT or the feed-in-tariff is a renewable energy program designed to subsidize the installation of solar panels for homes. Since its inception 8 years ago, the system has seen close to 1 million homes investing in solar energy.

In 2016, solar installation incentives were drastically reduced but environmental groups believed a refreshed take on the matter could see significant improvements. According to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, it was revealed there will be no replacement program or continued incentive for residential solar panel installation.

“For renewable energy on a lower scale, the announcement has proven devastating,” stated Emma Pinchbeck, executive director of RenewableUK. The business has pointed out that government was aware of the subsidy end for the last 3 years. When discussing renewables on a small scale, government decided to turn the lights off on future renewable projects, according to Climate Change Charity 10:10. Max Waker who leads green energy campaigns believes that government is ignoring the potential to change the public’s minds when managing energy renewals.

If you install solar panels after April, you will not receive any compensation for transfer of excess power to the local grid. The public will only benefit from solar energy to reduce costs on electrical bills. Solar panel installation can cost £6000.00.

Government has stated the initiative proved effective on a small-scale but the costs for subsidizing power were too exorbitant to manage and needed to be reduced. Officials have revealed that it is significant for government to take action to provide communities value and reduced rates where expenses decrease and the implementation of energy savings systems becomes increasingly possible.

According to Labour, there has been talk of guaranteeing the implementation of solar subsidies by including a £557 million subsidy for green, clean energy previously set aside for wind farming.

The latest energy news has come suddenly but at the same time its investigation was initiated into the construction of shale gas wells without prior authorized plans.

With the rise in temperatures and clear skies in the UK more people with solar panels are enjoying incredible UV power conversions. Statistics have revealed that solar panels in the country account for 20% of electricity provision in a 24 hour period.